Unmolassed micronized sugar beet flakes

HYGAIN® MICRBEET® is high in well-fermentable fibre and low in sugar, suitable for all equines regardless of age and use. HYGAIN® MICRBEET® has the outstanding feature of providing digestible energy ranging between that of good quality hay and grains in the form of soluble fibre as opposed to sourcing energy from starches and sugars. HYGAIN®’s revolutionary cooking process micronization enhances the soaking time and palatability of HYGAIN® MICRBEET®.

Ideal for performance horses, HYGAIN® MICRBEET® can be used as a chaff replacer increasing the energy density of the daily diet. HYGAIN® MICRBEET® may also be used to replace part of the grain/premixed feed in the diet, lowering starch intake whilst retaining the digestible energy level. Energy derived from well-fermentable fibre sources, such as HYGAIN® MICRBEET® are readily digested and safer to feed. Hence, horses with digestive disorders may benefit from HYGAIN® MICRBEET® as it promotes smooth digestion.