AGLIME 250 SUPERFINE improves crop and pasture yields by neutralising acidic soils.

• Adjusts soil pH for best crop performance
• Promotes healthy plant growth
• Reduces fertiliser costs while increasing efficiency
• Aerates clays and heavy soils

AGLIME 250 SUPERFINE is made from high-quality limestone (calcium carbonate).

Lime combats the effects of soil acidity, poor pasture production is a common and direct result of soil acidity. Soil acidity can cause one or, in
most cases, a combination of the following problems.
• loss of productive species
• weed and insect invasion
• soil erosion
• increased risk of dryland salinity
• general vegetation decline
• nutrient run-off into water storages
• animal production decline
• reduced microbial activity
• diminished yields and farm income

The application of finely crushed limestone is the only practical way to neutralise soil acidity.