RedGum Lifter Splitter – Powered by Honda

  • Hydraulic lifting table
  • Commercial Honda GX200 engine
  • Fast flow hydraulic gear pump
  • 3000psi Splitting Force
  • External hydraulic oil filter for cleaner running
  • 3 year engine warranty & 2 year splitter warranty

The RedGum Lifter Splitter is powered by a commercial Honda GX200 engine, and has a convenient hydraulic lifting table to lift heavy logs up to the splitting area. Save your back, and never lift a heavy log again!

The hydraulic lifting table does all the hard work for you. Simply roll a log onto the lifting table, activate the table, and have the log lifted up onto the splitting beam for you. Too easy!

And once the log is up there, this log splitter has plenty of power to split any kind of hard wood that you can find. It comes with RedGum’s money back splitting guarantee, which gives you piece of mind that you can get the job done.